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  • What is the Worldview of AI Dreamroom?
    Want to personally experience the world depicted in movies, novels, animations, and games? Want to start an adventure of your own in the world of Dungeons & Dragons or Cthulhu Mythos? Or want to expand your original story into a world that others can play in? Through the world view creation function of AI Dream House, you can work with AI to design a world with detailed rules and rich details, so that the settings that only stay on paper can become the cornerstone of the world.
  • What is the Scenario of AI Dreamroom?
    Say goodbye to fixed plots, only a simple story frame and plot branches are needed, and the parts not mentioned in the plot will be filled in by AI. Every choice and every action you make will affect the subsequent plot generation, creating a story unique to you.
  • What are the Role of AI Dreamroom?
    The role you play during the game. Whether you want to play a character from the original story and experience their experience, or play your own or original character, follow the plot or make completely different choices from the original character, it's up to you.
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