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Platform features

​The freedom and magic of the new generation story platform


By using drag-and-drop visualization tools to develop plots, users can easily create complex storylines without writing any code. The tool's intuitive interface allows users to add characters, set scenes, and construct plot twists with simple drag-and-drop movements.

Drag-and-drop story development tool

When you focus on the main line of your creation, don't worry about details that are irrelevant to your topic. Just like when you draw a painting, you only need to depict the central theme, and the surrounding scenery and details can be left to AI to complete. In this process, AI will intelligently fill in the marginal but indispensable parts based on the core information you provide.

Automatic story completion

In this wonderful world set or chosen by yourself, you can explore and experience all the possibilities. Whether it's climbing the steepest mountains or diving into the deepest oceans, there are no limits and nothing is impossible.

Highest degree of freedom

In the process of seeking to solve the problem, trying some real-life methods may have unexpected results. For example, when you argue with the DM, you will find that your opinions are fully expressed and considered. The same goes for talking to AI models.

The odd operation was blocked?

Don't worry, the model will come back round. No matter how outrageous the operation model is in the process, it can bring you back to the main line and start the journey again to continue the adventure.

Is the odd operation DM can't circle it back?

Coming Soon......

Multiplayer and multimodality


Fall into 


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